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Well, it’s hard to call living “easy” these days, but it’s certainly at its easiest round about now. You’re either on vacation or you soon will be…the kids, out of school and out of doors these past few weeks, have that fresh and beautiful sun-kissed skin that only kids can get.

Whoops…REWIND! This is where we ring our alarm bell and remind you that as summer wears on, it’s so easy to let sunscreen slide. No one’s ghostly pale anymore and sunburn isn’t quite as top of mind. But sun damage isn’t taking any time off this summer, so keep applying!

Second point: Just exactly what are you applying? The choices can be overwhelming and mid-summer you can tend to grab what’s cheap and run. Which is not a good idea, of course, because what’s cheap, more than likely, are chemical sunscreens. At Live Clean, where we’ve been creating our family of sun care products carefully, we’re firm believers in physical, or mineral sunscreens, and we’re very proud of Live Clean Face Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, Sport Mineral Sunscreen Lotion and Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, all SPF 45 – and very reasonably priced!

Here’s the difference between mineral and chemical sunscreens – and we promise to keep it quick and simple. Chemical sunscreens contain – you guessed it – chemicals. Chemical sunscreens absorb UV radiation and stop it penetrating the outer layer of your skin, so that they are unable to harm the skin. The problem is that research has raised toxicity concerns and shown that the chemicals in chemical sunscreens can be absorbed into the bloodstream. There’s a range of chemicals that are used, some more potentially harmful than others.  You can find this information easily online.

Mineral sunscreens (that’s us!) form a protective layer on the skin and reflect and scatter the sun’s rays away. We use Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, both natural ingredients. The case for mineral over chemical is very strong for the simple reasons that the sun’s rays aren’t being absorbed by the skin, and neither is the sunscreen itself. Live Clean sunscreens are “non-nano” and that’s important. It means particles are not small enough to be absorbed into the bloodstream. And while mineral sunscreens can have a bit of a bad rap for applying white, we’ve formulated ours with great care, making whitening much, much less of a concern.

Our goal is so simple: Provide exceptional protection for the whole family and provide it safely. Our sunscreens are broad spectrum, protecting the skin from both UVA and UVB rays – and that’s important! Our Sport Mineral Sunscreen SPF 45 is non-greasy and holds up against perspiration and swimming. Live Clean Baby Mineral Sunscreen SPF 45 is gentle enough for baby’s precious skin and strong enough to protect it. And Live Clean Face Mineral Sunscreen SPF 45 offers gentle, effective protection where you need it most.

Oh, and new this year – Live Clean After Sun 98% Aloe Vera Gel. We’ve harnessed the soothing, cooling properties of Aloe Vera and added certified organic botanicals of Australian Tea Tree Oil and Arnica extract to bring your sun-weary skin into balance.

There. Everything you need and need to know for the perfect, sun-safe summer.

Sun care